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Glendhu Bay -Wanaka
22-24 March 2024

Base Camp Opens from Monday 18th

Come & join us for Action, Music and Entertainment at

 New Zealand's Newest Adventure Sports Festival

...Below mountains, by beautiful Lake Wanaka...

There will be a variety of Air Sports from

Paragliding & Skydiving to Speed Flying & BASE Jumping 

The infamous ACROFEST competition

 "Magic Fest Fly In" with Heli lifts to launch

All Pilots welcome and encouraged to get involved


 Fly50 exhibition celebrating 50 years of the NZHGPA


 F1 Super Boat Displays


Aerial Silks and Yoga


Oh and Music Marvelous, Magical MUSIC + so much more!

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M U S I C + M A I N   S T A G E


ACROFEST Prize giving Ceremony

Weeks Action Edit on the Big Screen


The Execs - Local Rock Legends 

Sion - Simon Shea, Burning Man DJ




M U S I C + M A I N   S T A G E


Ord Road - Reggae band

Who said Disco's Dead with Boaz

Waz- Everbody's Favorite DJ

More tba

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...Paramotors will kick start things with an intentionally loud flight over head...


Tell your kids that the first pilots will be magical  fairies who will make candy fall from the sky!


From Mt Coromandel, overlooking the festival, up to 50 pilots will fly directly into the festival  or try to land on an inflatable raft on the water.

If you fly PG, HG or Speed Wings and would like to be a part of this action, do it! With a great deal on Heli lifts prices, it will be one of the most spectacular flights you could imagine!

Register your interest when you buy your ticket. There's limited space so sign up quick! 

Find out information below.

Must fill out pilot registration form


New Zealand's official


Run by the Southern Paragliding and Hang Gilding club, it's a Fun Comp for all pilots, with Novice and Master categories and a range of trophies and prizes to be won.

This highly regarded competition will have their

 qualifying rounds at ParatowNZ's base,

Lake Dunstan, Cromwell.

With the final showdown happening at Magic Land

The 6 finalists will get a free heli lift to launch and will fly out over the festival perform their best tricks for the Grand Finals

 Aiming to impress the judges and the crowd.

An absolute MUST to witness! Prize giving will take place on the main stage at

Magic Land Festival Marquee.

An epic deal is on offer for all AcroFest entrants. Registration is OPEN & 

FESTIVAL TICKETS are included!

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ParatowNZ LOGO
Southern club logo.png



Collaborating with the

New Zealand Parachute Federation

Magic Land is stoked to host a

 Sky Diving Boogie and In Hop 

A rad bunch of Skydivers will jump into the Festival with super fast free-falling action.

Including a Huge Massive NZ Flag jump! 

With fun, fast action buzzing everywhere, all eyes want to turn to the LZ where some very talented swoop landings will be taking place.

If you Skydive and want to get involved with the boogie, find out how and lock it in!



Speed Flying - Base Jumping  - Wing Suiting

Proudly Sponsored by Skytrek Queenstown

Some extremely talented boys and girls

are going make their way into the festival in style.

Impressive Wingsuit exits will light up the sky as they leave trails of smoke in their wake.

 BASE Jumpers follow with exhilarating speed, literally as fast as the human body can fly!

Speed Flying pilots will zip down their favorite lines in the natural curves of Mt Coromandel with fast  and delicate precision.

Don't forget to breathe as they descend upon the festivals very own landing area with their impressive landing skills!


Danger the Festival MC

To connect those on the ground to those in the sky and keep you on the beat with his MC skill will be:


Dan Pugsley

co-founder of Magic Land 

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F1 Superboat NZ 1st in the world
F1 superboat nz Logo

Got the Need for Speed

Keep the adrenaline pumping with F1 Super boat NZ.

The worlds 1st F1 boat race experience is joining us at Magic Land! In-between the Air action it will be demonstrating it's full awesome power and insane speeds.

Fancy a HOT LAP  yourself? Getting to speeds of over 100mph! Plus great deals on prices for festival goers...How good! 

Ariel silks  performer
Yoga pose with scenic background
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Outdoor Aerial Silks

Slack Lines and Long Lines

Yoga + Nourishment

An impressive

 Outdoor Aerial Silks Tripod

will showcase incredible performances, not to be missed!


By the main stage...These athletic spinning Goddesses will showcase their jaw dropping skills as they wrap, climb and fall with grace.

Have a go yourself in beginner sessions with our professional performer and coach, Abby Palmer from Uplift Silks

With a variety of Slack lines and Long lines being set up in various places, in and around the festival grounds, there will be some exciting balancing acts to watch.


There'll be pro's playing around getting super bouncy and making you hold your breath!


Practice your own balancing skills on a slack line, engage your core and see how easy you think it is. Great fun for all ages to have a go at.

If you prefer staying low to the ground and want to nurture your soul, join in with the nourishing Yoga and Sound Healing session, based from the Bell Tent chill out zone


Here you'll find a place to relax , connect and feed your body with love taking guidance from our gorgeous Yoga teachers, Sam Saccomano and Alex Perez... Float across the festival weekend in bliss, whilst staying rooted to the ground. 

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The whole family is invited to come and play at Magic Land!

GA tickets will get you on-site festival camping for Friday and Saturday nights amidst of all the Action!


Plus, access to the delectable spread of Activities both On & Off-site and of course to party through the nights with the Fantastic Music Lineup!

Green paraglider launching.jpg


Working together with our amazing land owner at Alphaburn Station and alongside The Wanaka catchment group, we're striving to leave these beautiful festival grounds, better than we found them. That's why we've bought together the initiative of planting your own native...


For only $10, leave your legacy, grow new life, restore heritage and create bird habitats. Off-set your presence with the gift of natures present. You will be able to plant your tree during your time at the festival in a site carefully selected for this restoration project.

Don't Miss Out on this Exciting Event!

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GA tickets- $120

Saturday only tickets- $80

Kids Under 12- FREE

Extra camping- $15 per night

*Pay on arrival- Open from Monday 18th March

Buy + Plant a Tree- $10

*Indicate add on's at Ticketfairy checkout

Come for the week and settle in

For under $200 you can get:


($15 per extra nights, upto you how many)

*Festival access to all zones

*Plant a Tree

+ Access to all the action!

Too easy!!!

Get in touch with us via this magical little form right here.


Or drop us an email on:

Contact Us

You'll be hearing from us soon

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